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SMI at Kals-Matrei

Turnkey Success Story: Grossglockner Resort, Kals-Matrei, Austria

In partnership, SMI and Wintertechnik Engineering, have developed a close relationship with the Schulz Group, one of the largest ski resort owners in Austria. The Schulz Group has added over 120 SMI fan snowmakers since 2007, experiencing excellent success with Super Wizzard (Gigastar) and Super PoleCat fully automatic designs at resorts such as Kals-Matrei, Sillian Hochpustertal, Ankogel Mallnitz and Hochzillertal - Kaltenbach.

Kals-Matrei has over 110 km of alpine trails, featuring spectacular views of 60 mountain peaks more than 3,000 meters tall. The snowmaking system at Kals-Matrei is served by 400+ hydrants with more than 30,000 meters of cast iron pipe for water distribution.

Snowmaking at Kals-Matrei
Snowmaking at Kals-Matrei

Technical Director Rudi Hirschhuber comments: “We are very pleased with the -2.5 °C start-up temperature and excellent flow rates through the machines. We can now cover our main pistes in 70 hours of snowmaking. Once again, SMI and Wintertechnik have delivered as promised.”

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