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SMI at Konjiam

Turnkey Success Story: Konjiam, Korea

In planning for over 15 years, Konjiam is a new ski resort just outside of Seoul, South Korea. With a high-end golf course already in place, Konjiam has invested heavily in snowmaking to ensure that theirs is a leading winter resort. SMI was selected for the project based on many factors, including our excellent planning team, global success, custom solutions, and our strong local partnership with R & R Corporation. Since snowmaking in Korea means marginal temperatures and high humidity, generating the best technical solution for the site was a significant challenge.

Water Supply at Konjiam Korea
Water Supply Konjiam, Korea

After installing a main pump house and a sophisticated water-cooling plant at the mountain’s base, a booster pump station was then utilized to feed the upper half. This provided the most energy efficient solution for the long term, while allowing for lower and safer working pressures. Utilizing their many years of experience and knowledge, SMI was a key partner with the resort, saving the customer money by coordinating the many overlapping layers between snowmaking, water and power supply, trails, and communications.

Summary of expansion:

  • Pump stations added: Main pump house: Six 300 kW (400 HP) pumps, with water flow of 17,034 lpm (4,500 gpm)
  • Booster pump station: Four 150 kW (200 HP) pumps with water flow: 11,356 lpm (3,000 gpm)
  • Lake size: 140,000 m3 (37 million gallons)
  • Level of Automation: SmartSnow controls snowmaking system and pump stations
  • Communications: Fiber optic between pump houses; Hard wired between tower fans
  • Snow Guns added: 62 Fully Automated Super Wizzard Towers and 18 Manual Super Wizzard Carriages
  • Hydrants added: 182

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SMI can help you sort through and weigh the costs and benefits regarding expanding snowmaking systems using the latest and most modern technologies. From fiber optic communications systems to fully automatic snowmaking systems and plants along with management reporting systems, SMI offers the full range of solutions. Give us a call toll free at +1-800-248-6600 or for International calls +1-989-631-6091.