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SMI Construction

SMI's ski resort construction services include:

Startup and Training

SMI can provide experts on pumps, compressors, piping systems, controls and snow machines who can help you achieve fast and effective snowmaking system startups. SMI also has a team of experts on snowmaking training and safety.

"SMI can help you sort through and weigh the costs and benefits regarding expanding snowmaking systems using the latest and most modern technologies."

Installation & Construction Experience

  • Over 150 successful projects completed
  • Pipelines below frost or above ground
  • Over 300,000 feet of pipeline laid in 90 days
  • Working on 75% slopes
  • Complicated valve pits
  • Compressor and pumping equipment
  • Complex water intakes
  • Tower bases and snow guns
  • Concrete for building, intakes, valves, etc.
  • Full understanding of mountain operations
  • Nordic and alpine installations


SMI can help develop accurate and guaranteed budgets for any level of project with lots of detail to show all costs - nothing hidden and presented by trail or other breakouts, such as phases.

Fixed Fees & Guarantees

SMI's team can provide fixed fee fully warranted snowmaking systems that include startup and training, plus SMI has bonding capabilities.