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Snowmaking Systems

SMI offers design, fabrication and installation of pumping stations and systems for global markets. 

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Pumping Stations

From vertical turbine to horizontal split case to submersibles, we have the expertise and experience to help with all aspects of your pumping solutions.

From sophisticated and complex intakes with icing conditions to high velocity rivers to alpine lakes and reservoirs, SMI engineers can assist with the engineering details behind getting the water to the pumps. Then the pumps can be configured in various ways that offer the best value and selection for your mountain.

Control options range from manual and very simple to over 7.5 Megawatt stations using Variable frequency drive controls and sophisticated pressure control. Line filling and draining can occur automatically along with the starting, stopping and sequencing of pumps to maximize energy efficiency and smooth flow operation.

SMI works in cooperation with Torrent Engineering

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Water Cooling Towers

Cold water is helpful in the snowmaking process as it decreases the change in temperature required to cool the water droplets. Water with temperatures above 38F or +3C should be considered for cooling assistance.

There are many ways to cool your snowmaking water. The simpler and most cost-effective solutions involve running the water over rocks or other surface areas to help expose the water to the cool ambient conditions prior to entering the snowmaking storage areas. Other methods include using sprayers or spray nozzles to simply create small droplets above the storage lake or pond and allow this water to be exposed to colder air conditions to help with cooling.

Water cooling towers are becoming more common in snowmaking, and they are very effective way to utilize a small footprint of space to cool water to a very controlled temperature. Water is delivered to cooling towers at low pressure and then sprayed across blowing fans, then fed by gravity into the pump house.

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Air Plants

Organizing air systems for optimal sizes and efficiencies is a big challenge in the ski industry as these air plants can be very large energy consumers. Selecting the proper size machines, air discharge pressures and starters/controls is important in providing the best system for your resort.

From small stationary 40 KW units up to larger 600 KW machines should be analyzed and considered when planning the new or retrofit air plant. Secondary along with medium voltages for motors and starters will be analyzed and reviewed. Automatic starting, stopping and sequencing can all be smoothly and easily controlled using SMI’s SmartSnow™ software and control.