Standard polecat

Mid-Range Throw

Simple Nozzle

Fan Snowmaker

Best Applications

  • Built to excel in all temperature conditions
  • Uses a 15HP (11 kW) or 10HP (7.5 kW) fan
  • 24 or 18 nozzle configuration in manual or automatic controls, customizable to achieve specific water flows
  • Controls flows via three heated self-draining valves in manual, or via a touchscreen HMI on the panel
  • Customizable water flows to your specific climate and snow quality goals
  • Flexible automation options for individual standalone machines or networks
  • Simple operation and maintenance
Standard PoleCat Snowmaker

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Mount options

Standard Polecat with
Onboard booster Pump

BOOSTED PRESSURE FOR MAXIMUM SNOW. Partner SMI's Standard PoleCat with a 15HP Onboard Booster pump to instantly boost pressure and increase snow production and quality. Controls are integrated into the machine control panel for an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

PoleCat Snowmaker with Onboard Booster Pump

USA Made

Warranty Backed

Rugged Build

Global Experience