Czech Republic

Objectives and Solutions

Rokytnice is a resort located in the Krkonose Mountains of the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. SMI has worked hard with Rokytnice to finalize and guarantee a quick snowmaking startup on the main trails of the slopes.

After a few tests, and a long collaboration with SMI, the board of directors decided to invest in a two-year project in the summer of 2015. This project retrofits all of the pumping stations and adds a new fleet of snow machines and sticks.

Although Rokytnice has been able to invest in new equipment, they are still running a small fleet of PoleCats that are dated back to 1996.

The project was deemed a success when Rokytnice faced an extremely warm winter earlier this year. The resort was able to open half of its trails during the week of New Year’s due to the performance of the machines and the hard work done by the local crew. The result has been a customized system that fits perfectly with this beautiful part of the world.

hardware link
new vaults
stick and fan guns
SMI Snowflake


The installation includes a new communication network with a 4.5 km hardwire link, 42 new vaults to serve the new stick trail, and substantially enhanced snowmaking control from SMI Smart Snow 6.0 software. The software covers all of the parameters of the pump houses (fiber-optic network) and the 50 new machines.

SMI Snowflake


In the fall of 2015, SMI delivered 35 Automatic Viking V2s with pneumatic valves on the pit, and four Puma 6 meter towers. During the Summer of 2016, another nine Automatic Viking V2s, one Silent PoleCat, one Puma carriage, and one Super Wizzard were added.