Les Orres

Les Orres, France

Objectives and Solutions

Les Orres, France features 17 lifts, 100 km of slopes and is one of the largest ski areas in the Southern Alps. Les Orres first tried SMI’s products in 2007 and has had a strong relationship ever since. Over the past decade, Les Orres has partnered with SMI to invest in new snowmaking infrastructure, including a new snowmaking reservoir, piping, and guns.

Another interesting fact is that at the end of the season, the Les Orres team removes the snowmaking equipment via helicopter, and reinstalls prior to the season.  Due to the rugged build of the equipment, it is safe to fly via helicopter and is simple and quick to re-install.

In 2021, the ski area has invested in a new beginner area, detachable ski lift and new snowmaking infrastructure including vaults, piping and snowguns.

With an annual snowmaking goal of covering 80% of the trails before Christmas, this system packs a punch and gets the job done.

Thank you to the Les Orres team for trusting SMI with your snowmaking and for our continued partnership.

pumping capacity / gravity-fed
Pumas and PoleCats
V2 and Grizzly (hill air)
SMI Snowflake


Additional 2012 turnkey snowmaking improvements include 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) of cast iron pipes and cables and 11 high technology vaults. The vault construction was fast and efficient due to their unique design including a 2-piece concrete square ring and a culvert with a side income connection, allowing a concurrent installation of vaults, pipes, tees and connections during the ongoing excavation. 

SMI Snowflake


The entire system is controlled via SMI’s SmartSnow software. This includes controls of the valve house at the lake, multiple pump stations, and their snowmaking fleet. The software is a seamless fit between the remote control and data logging that the customer analyzes every season.

SMI Snowflake


Les Orres has a mixed fleet of Pumas, PoleCats, Vikings and Grizzlys. The resort utilizes both hill air and onboard compressors depending on the location of the equipment. Grizzly LowE sticks were chosen for the terrain park near chalets due to the product’s reduced noise. In addition, they utilize a fleet of Grizzly NTs for connecting trails (cat tracks).