Östersund, Sweden

Swedish National Biathlon Arena

Objectives and Solutions

Östersund is the host of the first Biathlon World Cup of the season. To secure top quality tracks regardless of weather condition they store 60.000m3 of snow under a layer of saw dust from February to November over summer. During the first week of November, trucks are bringing all the snow out to lay out 5km of XC tracks.

Making two such big piles take a lot of cold water. Water is taken from The Great Lake next to Östersund city.

Snow Makers has installed a feeding pump station by the lake and a 1.700 meter long pipeline, crossing under 3 rail ways and 6 big roads, moves the water up to the XC-stadium. A fully automated pump system, controlled by SMI Smart Snow, allows the staff to start and run both pump stations and guns on remote.

For the 2022 summer season Snow Makers will extend the snow system with a 3,0km fully automated pipeline with SMI Axis sticks.

SMI Snowflake


300m3/h pumping capacity
1.700 meter feeding pipe line with future capacity of 800m3/h

SMI Snowflake


Utilizes SMI Smart Snow software and control system.

SMI Snowflake


SMI installed 20 Pumas and PoleCats and 80 Axis Air-Water Sticks. Stores 60.000m3 of snow from one season to another under a cover of sawdust. Opens the first week of November every year regardless of temperature.