Arizona Snowbowl

Flagstaff, Arizona

Objectives and Solutions

Arizona Snowbowl had not had a snowmaking system and had seen wild fluctuations in natural snowfall. After thoroughly researching the snowmaking choices and many years of planning and legal challenges, Arizona Snowbowl chose SMI as its snowmaking partner to help with each step of the snow process.

Since water is very scarce, they are pumping water from the City of Flagstaff up 900 meters (3,000 feet) of vertical and 24,000 meters (78,000 feet) in length to a new snowmaking lake built at mid-mountain. Three pump stations are used to lift this water.

automatic pumping
slopes covered
Super PoleCats
SMI Snowflake


The new 38,000 cubic meter (10 million gallon) lake feeds a Torrent 700 m3/hr (3,000 gpm) fully automatic pumping station. 280 m3/hr (1,200 gpm) water-cooling towers will help cool the water. 

SMI Snowflake


SMI’s SmartSnow will control and monitor this fully automatic snowmaking system.

SMI Snowflake


The snowmaking distribution system will cover over 40 hectares (100 acres) of terrain using 25 Super PoleCat snowmakers. 9000 meters (30,000 feet) of slopes are covered.