SMI SmartSnow™ 7.0

Automation Software & Control

Digitize Your Snowmaking System

SmartSnow 7.0, the most advanced and flexible and cloud-based snowmaking software, allows you to control, monitor and analyze your entire snowmaking system from your phone, tablet or computer in real time, allowing your team to take advantage of critical snowmaking windows to create high snow quality as efficiently as possible.

Advanced, Flexible and Cloud-based Automation

Fully integrated across Android, iOS, and web portals, SmartSnow 7.0 delivers mobile access like never before. Utilize real-time location data for setting up equipment directly from your device. Stay updated with mobile app alarm notifications and daily auto-generated email reports, keeping your team informed in real time and at any location.

SmartSnow 7.0 integrates your entire snowmaking infrastructure including pumping, air plants, water, air, and power lines, and hydrant and pedestal mapping. Prioritize machines based on flow rate and electrical current to optimize your resources. SmartSnow7.0 can be your central information platform to host detailed shift notes and maintenance records directly within the device/machine notes.

With an upgraded SQLite Database, SmartSnow 7.0 supports virtually unlimited data sizes, while maintaining robust performance. The server/client architecture allows for efficient management across multiple networked clients.

Enhance operational coordination with our new cross-platform user chat integration. This feature enables real-time communication across different devices, facilitating seamless teamwork.

Utilize our SmartSnow.Cloud REST API to integrate your data seamlessly into your applications. The new system also supports SnowSat, Leica and Latitude90 integration, providing advanced analytical tools for enhanced operational efficiency.

SmartSnow 7.0 provides dynamic, real-time weather updates crucial for optimal snow production. It includes current conditions and historical weather trends to guide machine operations effectively.

SmartSnow 7.0 keeps your team up to speed on snowmaking progress with scheduled daily email reports to update stakeholders on vital metrics and system statuses. The integration with SmartSnow.Cloud REST API offers robust data access and manipulation, empowering users to integrate snowmaking data into their applications, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Cross-Platform Communication (demo)

Photo of SmartSnow 7.0 Cross-Platform Communication Video Cover

Desktop and Mobile Screens