SMI Automation

SmartSnow™ Software & Control

SMI SmartSnow™, our automation software and control system, makes it easy to use one platform to operate not only your snowmaking system but also other parts of your ski area.

SMI Snowflake

Localization and Mobile

  • Standard, built-in multi-language feature
  • Alter language with one click
  • Internet-based, mobile applications available
  • Full system control from anywhere, anytime regardless of proximity
SMI Snowflake

All Machines Screen

  • View all machines in one list-view
  • Select one, all, or any variation of machines with the Windows-based selection feature
  • Control list-view with various filters and sort options
  • Full-system values always visible at top of screen
  • Right-click pop-up feature for group actions
  • Double click to navigate to single machine view
SMI Snowflake

Single Machine Screen

  • Animated machine graphic
  • Easy to read vector-based gauges and dials
  • Oscillation and jack controls
  • Machine alarms always visible at bottom of screen
SMI Snowflake

User Options

  • Configure and customize specific user rights and permissions
  • Trail and hydrant configuration options
  • Provide name and description per machine
SMI Snowflake

Weather Screen

  • View groups and single weather stations on one screen
  • View all weather stations in one list-view
  • Provide name and description per machine
  • Control list-view with various filters and sort options
SMI Snowflake


  • Efficient management of prior machine data
  • Scalable framework and advanced reporting engine