SMI Automation

Comprehensive & Reliable

SMI provides the most comprehensive and reliable automation systems, including flexible and customizable software, high-performance snow machines, proven communication options, accurate weather measurement, supporting equipment and instrumentation, integrated auxiliary equipment, and service that is second to none. 

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Broadest Snow Machine Offering

SMI supplies fan machines including the Wizzard and PoleCat fan guns, the V2 and Axis SnowTower product line, and our most efficient design yet, the automatic Puma snowmaker.

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Complementary Equipment

SMI can provide pump stations, compressors and cooling towers integrated into the automation system for seamless operation.

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Global Experience

Unlike our competitors, we have experience in installing automation throughout the world – in places as diverse as China, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Finland, Japan and many more.

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Accurate Weather Tracking

The SMI SmartWeather™ package provides excellent data collection and tracking along with precise and reliable weather sensors which allow optimum system response to changing conditions.

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Flexible Communications

We give you the choices of using hard wire, fiber optic, wireless and radio communication methods. We offer the broadest range of radio frequencies required by your country.

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Distributed Intelligence

Many competitors rely upon centralized intelligence at the personal computer in their automation design that creates problems when communications are interrupted due to power outages, weather conditions, or mechanical failures. SMI offers distributed intelligence so that the system continues to operate safely and effectively.

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Dedicated Service and Support

No other competitor matches the amount of dedicated personnel or the depth of expertise in automation service and support at SMI. SMI has personnel specializing in software programming, controls and component testing, field testing, installation and start up, and trouble shooting.

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Custom Solutions

SMI offers the best solution for you to save you money and increase efficiency, unlike our competitors which offer off the shelf products not optimized for your situation.