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Electrical Pedestals

SMI offers both 30 and 60 amp (32 and 63 amp) electrical pedestals for both surface mounting and direct burial. SMI offers double pedestals and 3-way splitter bases with 500 MCM lugging for optimal flexibility. SMI pedestals are offered with the receptacle of your choice or can be customized for your exact application. SMI offers many versions of electrical pedestals for your consideration.

The options at 480 volts are as follows:

  • 30 amp or 60 amp
  • Incoming power wire lugging up to 500 MCM
  • For Surface or Buried mount
  • Receptacle of your choice
  • Custom vault mount styles
  • Interlocking disconnect available as an option
  • All components are UL listed
SMI Snowflake


Weather Stations. SMI offers many versions of accurate and customized weather stations for snowmaking. SMI has developed a fast acting aspirated temperature and humidity device for automatic snowmaking and all of your resort weather needs. This unit works perfectly even after a rain event followed by a deep cold period. Conventional weather devices tend to freeze up after these weather events and do not act quickly to these changing conditions when resurfacing your slopes can be the key to your resort success.

Weather Instruments. SMI also offers weather instruments with temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction along with our SmartSnow software and reporting to allow accurate and timely distribution of this information.

Weather Devices. In addition, SMI offers special and unique snowmaking weather devices such as portable and fixed solar-powered units, radio communications and hard-wired or fiber-optic communications.

SMI Snowflake

Hydrants & Actuators

The Automatic Hydrant Actuator offers a proven and flexible approach to your automatic snowmaking needs. Its many features include:
  • Portable or can be used in fixed position tower
  • Fits onto all major hydrant brands
  • Offers adjustable torque and height settings
  • Can throttle the water pressure to increase flow as the temperature drops between flow steps or can hold a setpoint pressure
  • Can also decrease flows as the temperature rises
  • Hydrant will fail close upon power loss or system or gun problems (w/ battery back-up feature)
  • Menu-driven set up
  • Manual push buttons for open and close
  • Adapters for all hydrant makes
  • Adapters attach easily to existing hydrants
  • Fail close on power loss with built-in battery in full auto control panel
  • Adjustable torque and opening/closing time settings
  • Can hold fixed pressure setpoint within +/- 5 psi
  • Can vary water pressures and flows as temperature changes within wet-bulb steps
  • Positive position feedback
SMI Snowflake

Snowmaking system Vaults

System Vaults. SMI Snowmakers has developed many types of vaults for use with our snow machines including the V2 Snowtower, PoleCat Fan Guns, and Wizzard Fan Guns. Our vaults are designed and customized to meet specific customer needs. Two standard types of vaults we have available are 1) Concrete, and 2) Metal Culvert.

All vaults provided by SMI are durable, high quality, built to last, and designed for snowmaking systems. We will customize the vault design per your specifications. Some configurations created for customers include mounting of a control panel, electrical disconnects, compressor, and/or valves inside vault versus on machine, and customized valve control systems inside the vault or on the machine.

SnowTower Concrete Vaults. SMI SnowTower concrete vault features include:

  • 4.00 inches (10.2 cm) reinforced concrete walls
  • Dimensions (length x width x height)
    Outside – 56-3/4 inch x 56-3/4 inch x 48 inch (1.44 m x 1.44 m x 1.22 m)
    Inside – 48-3/4 inch x 48-3/4 inch x 48 inch (1.24 m x 1.24 m x 1.22 m)
  • Holes for water, air, and communications feed piping and conduit
  • Climbing rings
  • Galvanized steel flanged base tube support
  • Galvanized steel cover with access lid
  • Vault heater
  • Options: inside sidewall mounting of electrical control panel, valve system, and power supply pedestal with circuit breaker

There are many benefits to using SnowTower concrete vaults including:

  1. Installation: Water, air, power, and communications feeds controlled through vault layout
  2. Hoses and power cords management: Central feed through tower assembly controls location, length, drainage and flex of air and water hose and neatly packages power cords.
  3. Drainage: Heated drain hose feeds to inside of vault to below-grade drain field
  4. Durable: built to withstand harsh conditions
  5. Safety: Shallow depth allows maintenance personnel to breathe fresh air when standing; air and water lock-out valves; circuit breaker and panel disconnect for electrical maintenance.
Standard Concrete Vaults. Standard concrete vault features:
  • 5.75 inches (14.5 cm) reinforced concrete walls and top
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) Outside – 9 feet x 5 feet x 5.75 feet (2.75 m x 1.5 m x 1.75 m) Inside – 8 feet x 4 feet x 5.75 feet (2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.75 m)
  • Holes for water and air feed piping
  • Climbing rings
  • Reinforced concrete snow machine side mount
  • Galvanized steel trap door entrance
  • Options: inside sidewall mounting of electrical panel, valve system, and/or compresor, and light tower mount on opposite side
The benefits of standard concrete vaults are:
  1. Flexibility: mount compressor, valves or control panel inside of vault or on snow machine
  2. Space: excess room for equipment inside as well as allowing workspace for maintenance
  3. Durable: built to withstand harsh conditions
Metal Culvert Vaults. SMI’s standard metal culvert vault features:
  • Sized in 4 foot (1.2 meter) or 5 foot (1.5 meter) diameters
  • Hinged lid with safety chain
  • Hole in lid with plastic strip to protect water, air or electrical chords
  • Full-length aluminum ladder
  • Options: 1) sidewall mounted electric disconnect and 2) lid with electric disconnect
The benefits of metal culverts are:
  1. Low cost: not only is the product cost lower but installation costs are lower
  2. Simple: common sense design
  3. Durable: built for durability in harsh environments
  4. Versatility: customized to your specific needs