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Östersund Sweden

Östersund, Sweden Swedish National Biathlon Arena Objectives and Solutions Östersund is the host of the first Biathlon World Cup of the season. To secure top quality tracks regardless of weather condition they store 60.000m3 of snow under a layer of saw dust from February to November over summer. During the first week of November, trucks … Read more

Snow Summit California

Snow Summit Big Bear Lake, California, USA Objectives and Solutions Big Bear Mountain Resorts located just east of Los Angeles has taken another significant stride in a multi-year plan to upgrade snowmaking capacity while reducing energy requirements and improving efficiency. The sister resorts have installed 120 SMI® fan snowmakers and extensive SmartSnow™ automation as the … Read more

Wisp Maryland

Wisp Resort Maryland, USA Objectives and Solutions In the largest terrain expansion in Wisp history, SMI’s Turnkey Engineering and Construction Services have delivered amazing results! The project included excavation of ten new trails; installation of 126 new V2 and Super PoleCat snow machines mounted on custom-designed vaults with trail lights, valving, and above-ground controls; 8 … Read more

Perfect North Indiana

Perfect North Indiana, USA Objectives and Solutions The operation employs 245 snowmaking machines and an infrastructure that pumps about 120 million gallons of water annually, giving the resort a 3-4 foot snowpack throughout the season. The system is so efficient that operators can start as many as 200 snowmakers in about an hour. At its … Read more

Mount Snow Vermont

Mount Snow Vermont, USA Objectives and Solutions One of Vermont’s premier ski areas has completed its most recent snowmaking expansion with the addition of 150 new SMI® PoleCat SnowtowersTM– bringing the total to 251 of these powerful fan snowmakers. Thanks to the capacity of the SMI PoleCat’s highly efficient designs, Mount Snow, now owned by … Read more

Heavenly Valley Colorado

Heavenly Valley Tahoe, Colorado Objectives and Solutions One of the nation’s largest ski resorts is saving labor and time, while boosting snow quality and overall efficiency, by integrating computer-driven automation to control its extensive high-volume snowmaking operation. The fully networked system at Heavenly Valley is so advanced that it constantly monitors the environment for changes … Read more

Golden Peak Colorado

Golden Peak Vail, Colorado Objectives and Solutions Vail Mountain teamed up with experts from SMI and Torrent Engineering & Equipment to design and construct an extensive automated snowmaking upgrade that brought outstanding early-season coverage to the alpine race-course. Results were so positive that the Golden Peak race training area was in use even before the … Read more

Cypress Mt BC

2010 Olympics Venue Cypress Mt, Vancouver, BC Objectives and Solutions Chosen by the Vancouver Olympic Committee for the 2010 Olympic games, Cypress Mountain needed the ability to produce between a half meter and a meter of snow during a 50 to 100-hour time frame. SMI was hired as a key partner in this 40 percent … Read more

Snowbowl Flagstaff Arizona

Arizona Snowbowl Flagstaff, Arizona Objectives and Solutions Arizona Snowbowl had not had a snowmaking system and had seen wild fluctuations in natural snowfall. After thoroughly researching the snowmaking choices and many years of planning and legal challenges, Arizona Snowbowl chose SMI as its snowmaking partner to help with each step of the snow process. Since … Read more