Östersund Sweden

Östersund, Sweden Swedish National Biathlon Arena Objectives and Solutions Östersund is the host of the first Biathlon World Cup of the season. To secure top quality tracks regardless of weather condition they store 60.000m3 of snow under a layer of saw dust from February to November over summer. During the first week of November, trucks … Read more

Semmering Vienna Austria

semmering Vienna, Austria Objectives and Solutions Considered the flagship ski resort of eastern Austria and located one hour outside the capital city Vienna, Semmering is a high-profile destination hosting some of the industry’s most popular races, including the Women’s World Cup. Due to extremely warm temperatures in recent years, compounded by a limited water supply, … Read more

Rokytnice Czech Republic

Rokytnice Czech Republic Objectives and Solutions Rokytnice is a resort located in the Krkonose Mountains of the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. SMI has worked hard with Rokytnice to finalize and guarantee a quick snowmaking startup on the main trails of the slopes. After a few tests, and a long collaboration with SMI, … Read more

Pelvoux-Vallouise France

Pelvoux-Vallouise Pelvoux, France Objectives and Solutions An innovative ski resort in the heart of the French Alps wanted to automate its entire snowmaking operation, including new machines of three different designs and existing snowmaking devices from two other manufacturers. Ski area officials at Pelvoux-Vallouise were looking for a turnkey package versatile enough to create one … Read more

Les Orres France

Les Orres Les Orres, France Objectives and Solutions Les Orres, France features 17 lifts, 100 km of slopes and is one of the largest ski areas in the Southern Alps. Les Orres first tried SMI’s products in 2007 and has had a strong relationship ever since. Over the past decade, Les Orres has partnered with … Read more

Kals-Matrei Austria

Grossglockner Kals-Matrei, Austria Objectives and Solutions In partnership, SMI and Wintertechnik Engineering, have developed a close relationship with the Schulz Group, one of the largest ski resort owners in Austria. The Schulz Group has added over 120 SMI fan snowmakers since 2007, experiencing excellent success with Super Wizzard (Gigastar) and Super PoleCat fully automatic designs … Read more